Tuesday, September 8, 2009


I told you i would really grateful to have SUNSILK accompany me. I just finish my EAP class, and my lecturer Mdm Lily ( the only Malay lecture i have this sem ) gave us our mark for presentation that we did last week. Guess what? I've got 9/10!!!


My confident level increase.....

Seriously, you might said its not a big deal, but i actually made it. I thought i would get 6, 7 or something. Thanks a bunch. FYI, Mdm Lily such a strict Lecturer. She will lock the door if someone came late. She strict in marking and have a really scary face. I will get my midterm result tomorrow. I HOPE i could make my self PROUD again.

Actually i am not good in oral presentation. I usually end up silence for more than a minutes, looking around and nervous. I still remembered during i took MUET exam back in 2004. There was a speaking test right? Since my name was on the top of the list, I've got into a group with a bunch of guys ( HOT guys btw ;b ). uh uh i still remember their name,
Ahmad Hasif, Amirul and also Helmi.

When its my turn to speak. Not even a word get out from my mouth. i kept silence for about 2 minutes! Can you imagine how worst i am??? So embarrassing yo in front of 3 HOT guys! .

That was a NIGHTMARE. I couldn't speak in front of people ( i mean doing presentation and stuff )in confident.

But i guess this is my turning point. i Have the confident in me now...

terima kasih

Life JUST can't wait...!


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