Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Merci beaucoup

Haha since when i know French?? I learned this word from my Mathematics 4 Lecturer back in Center of Foundation IIUM. Thank Sir Zahir Hanouf...!

oops.. its means Thank you so much!

Since i joined this "blog to PARIS" thing. Everything look easy on me. THANKS a BUNCH for this opportunity.

I told you before i have a LOW self esteem. That include writing and speaking in English. But hey, Practice makes perferct!! I am not BLUFFING. You know when you have a GOAL. and you really want to achieve it. You ll try as hard. as GOOD as you can right?

That s our GOAL. PARIS. Really want to go to the city of love. ( IDK, people used to labeled it )

Ok, back to the self esteem part. Since i start blogging through this contest, i don't hesitate to speak or write in English anymore. I don't hesitate to talk to my foreigner classmates anymore, I don't hesitate asking question to my foreigner lecturers anymore. ( ALL my lecturers are foreigners tho ).

Some people would said that, its normal to talk to a foreigner. It s not something to be proud off. However, this is my experience and i am just sharing mine. To inspire other people.

Thanks to SUNSILK. I have the courage to speak and write in English.

Since i am taking EAP courses this semester. I HAVE to speak and write in ENGLISH a LOT. Although this is an informal kinda thing, it do helps me. Last week, during i am answering my EAP midterm, we were required to write an argumentative essay on the spot. Not more than 450 words in merely 1 hr and 30 mins. Usually, i will end up looking at the ceiling for more than 10 mins bcoz i don't have any idea to start with. But this time, i grab my pen and continue writing as if English was my native language.

Isn't that great? All the ideas flowing out of my head and i was smiling while doing the test. I keep thanking SUNSILK for those.

So, how SUNSILK inspired you?? THIS is my story, i would like to hear yours. And my fellow blog crew as well. Don't hesitate share it with us.. okay..

Oops i am late for my EAP class. Gtg.. see ya


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