Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Be happy

I remembered a phrase.

"Blowing other peoples candles doesn't mean yours will shine more brightly."

it sound something like that.
Is it true?

It IS true.


Imagine, in a dark room.

Where there was hundreds or maybe thousands of candles.
And someone will be chosen to be a winner or leader or something like that.
If you blow other candles, you will be the only one left.
You will be the only hopes left.
You will be the only one could be seen by the 'judges' who open the dark room.


But its not a quite GOOD thing. Competition is GOOD to make yourself better. You need competition in life.

You will not become a GREAT person if you play some dirty 'tricks'.

Okay then some one would ask,

"What if i am not blowing other peoples candles, and sit still to be chosen, but in the end they did not choose me...!"

Easy, patients. Be patient. You never know what comes ahead you. You never know that the next 'judges' that come into the dark room is MUCH GREAT than the previous 'judges'.

It just a matter of time. You should make some efforts. If you want to look better than others, work it out!

Don't just sit there and wait. 'Decorate' your candles, 'sprinkles' some perfume on your candle to make it smell more lovely. Just do what ever it take to win the heart of the 'judges'. BUT no 'dirty tricks'.

For example, if you really like a guy would you eliminate other girls who like this guy as well? Don't you try to change yourself and approach him in a good ways? I mean looking great with great hair in front of him. Wear a lovely tudung( you could try SUNSILK ). You don't push other girls aside, instead you make your self better.

If you didn't get he to like you. Its okay. Don't hurt yourself.

Hey, at least you do your BEST. There still a LOT of guys out there. Waiting for you. You never know that 'the guy' would be BETTER than the guy you used to like a lot before (he might be MORE handsome~~ ^____^ ).

Ah really want to share this text message i got from a really nice friend. But it is in Malay Language. If anyone out there didn't understand Malay leave me a comment, i will explain it to you. *wink wink*

"Bila tuhan turunkan hujan, kita menangis mencari cari di mana matahari kita. Tanpa kita ketahui, tuhan nak beri kita PELANGI yang indah"

So girls, my tips to become a GREAT person today is, BE POSITIVE!!!


Everything happens for a reason.

Tentukan Hidup Anda!


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A text message

We've got a text message this morning from 013-615**** ( lol )

"Congratulations! You have successfully registered for the

A fully paid trip to Paris or cash for 4 awaits you and your friends."

Please vote for us... Really appreciate it. THANK YOU. *hugs*

Please make our dreams come true. It could be THE BEST present EVER for my BIRTHDAY!!!
A best Christmas GIFT ever!!! ( even i don't celebrate it )

Tentukan hidup kami.. (lol)

Tentukan hidup anda!!!


Monday, September 28, 2009


Last Saturday, i went to my uncle engagement ceremony. There were 2 engagement ceremony held that day. Another is my school friend, Syazwani Norazmi. Congrats both on your engagement...!

Since my uncle's ceremony was in KL and Wani's in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang, i did not get to go to both places. So I am sorry Wani. I wish i coud see your pics later.

Wani was a friend of mine that bit 'gila gila' and 'un-matured' like me, so i was REALLY surprised to know that she will getting married soon and EARLY. In addition, her hubby to be is a USTAZ!! How GREAT was that!! I am glad for you Wani. ( i pray for my USTAZ too.. *giggles*)

Owh, and my uncle. He is not a way too older than me. I am the oldest grandchild in family and my uncle just 4 years older than me. Congrats Pak Usu!!


Before, i don't wear make up much when i am going out, but this year i just want to make a slight change. ( since i saw my sister already start to wear it!!). Since i also see my SUNSILK leave on conditioner in my bag, i start to apply some so my hair will be easier to manage. ;)

( sorry that was random )


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Duit Raya

Haha... it has been proven that i still YOUNG to receive a duit raya!!!

yeayy for me..

As i am writing this post, i already prepared my phone to bluetooth the pics into this lappy, but i didn't know that my sis's lappy doesn't have bluetooth.* sigh*

But since i AM to eager to make a POST, i will update later with the pics. already updated.

Not much actually but, hey i am a 22 years old girl and still got duit raya from my relatives MORE than my other siblings. Isn't that great??

Urmm.. for tomorrow we will start our class. Owh, i mean on Monday. After 2 weeks away from Uni! I already have feeling this hols just like end of semester hols. I am also forget my class schedule!!! *get hit*

Since i can forget my own class schedule, what happen to my studies??? * get hit again*

Argh.. have to start from scratch?
Have to start revision from chapter 1!!!??

Okay, stop for now. Busy that later. All i remembered, i have class at 8.30 am on Monday ( i hope i can get up early!!!).

owh, for the picture, hurm.. i will find a usb cable now..

If i still cannot find it, i will repost this post later.
*continue searching*

found it.. ^___^

Thing thrash in my bag.

Thanks everyone...!!!



I am not a big fan of her. But i think i will. She sooooo pretty, and gorgeous, and cute, and....

Actually, i love seing her in NINKYO HELPER. A new Japanese Drama that has just finished aired in Japan. This drama revolves around 'yakuza' and KUROKI MEISA is a kumi-cho! ( the female boss)

yabu kota
pic credit : potato 09

I watch this drama because of YABU KOTA. The oldest and hottest member of Hey! Say! JUMP. But i adore Kuroki Meisa Hair since the first episode. Look, a female yakuza boss with a GREAT hair!!! I just LOVE it!

Yeap, as other drama, it has some twist in the story line. They were yakuza but working as a helper in an old institution.

kuroki meisa in action.

ninkyo helper

pics credit to :

with the kawai actor~~

this pic credit to :

While searching for Kuroki Meisa's pic, i found her BLOG!!! i mean some one translate it in ENGLISH!!! OMG, luv it. I found few celebs blog before but, this time i kinda excited. Because there is a picture of her in NINKYO HELPER set...!

love her hair. love her!!

visit Kuroki Meisa's blog translation here

other JAPANESE celebs

-Ueto Aya ( the cabin attendance in Attention Please)

-Inoue Maou ( the leading actress in Hanayori dango, meteor garden japanese version)

-Horikita Maki ( in Hanazakari kimitachie, the drama that already aired on 8tv!!)

-they have MORE... i just share some celebs u might know and i love


Friday, September 25, 2009


Beware .... this post consists a LOT of pictures~~~ ngeee........


Few month ago, i participate in a sports carnival. To be exact, i am representing my Uni for MASUM (Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia )

Before going to UUM Sintok

The event held in UUM Sintok.

While waiting for the bus

My cheerful team during our training.( really hot day isn't it?)
They might using SUNSILK like me by looking on their smiling faces~~

With Our coach. Our team is special because our coach is from UM and representing UM for handball male team. ^___^

With my team after match.

It was a very hot day and i should felt uncomfortable dealing with the weather.

In addition, i wear tudung. And my hair have to stuck in it in a day. Thanks god I have SUNSILK with me. So, i can endure the week with no problem at all.

Ermm.. we did not win anything, but i have great experience. Our handball team only managed to get into quarter final which means something to us ( since we never qualified to quarter 4 years in a ROW! )

We have the Akademi Fantasia's celebrities on the opening ceremony! Zahid and Mila. Oh, we also have Aris Ariwatan singing his 'Lamunan Terhenti'.

Ooops scandal.. lol na.. just a FRIEND

During Opening Ceremony

Zahid AF 2


Aris Ariwatan

On our LAST Match against UTM

The unofficial result

If i am not mistaken, IIUM only got 4th place ( thanks to karate team ), with UiTM being the first followed by UM and UPM.

ps:: we lost to UiTM but then UiTM become the group champion and we lost to UTM which won the GOLD medal for woman handball team later. So, i consider it as 'lost with respect'.

Tentukan Hidup Anda!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Engineering Sports Carnival


Love sports? Who said woman cannot play sports well? ( SUNSILK cm proved it )

Before Ramadhan, our faculties which is Kuliyyah Of Engineering organized an Engineering Sports Carnival. i am participating since my first year in IIUM. But this time, i played table tennis and handball.

Only managed to get bronze for both.

But seriously, the day was hectic. I have class in the morning, then in the evening i have handball match and at night i have table tennis!

That night. after the tired day, i took shower and grab my SUNSILK. All the muscle ache and tired flow out.

The most important is, i still can keep my hair great and healthy even i was BUSY the whole day and week ...!

Mar and Shida also give support for me and my partner

After the tired day with Mar, Shida n Nela in front of our Mahallah ( hostel )

I play double with her, Nela. I didn't know she pregnant while entering this sports carnival. Even she don't know bout it.


Me with my handball team, Sarah

During the game

Tentukan Hidup Anda!!!

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