Thursday, September 10, 2009

Skill Gamelan Class

Just finish my skill class. One of required subject for IIUM's student to graduate.
Only 0.5 credit hour. You could actually chose any skill class you want. from sewing, cooking, swimming, and even photography. For me, i took the Gamelan Skill Class.
As I know nothing about this traditional music instrument, i decided to give a try.

This Gamelan Skill Class divided in 2 part. Already took the first part last semester and its all about Gamelan Melayu. This semester i am taking the 2nd part. But this time its about Gamelan Jawa. Even our 'cikgu' was from Jogjakarta!

Javanese Gamelan was a litle bit hard compared to Malay Gamelan.
But its really sound nice if you play it in synch with others players.
Basically, for what i ve already learn, there a few equipment that is a MUST to have in a gamelan group.

There are
-Saron ( Pekin & Baron )
-Gambang-Gong ( Agung & Suwukan )

Yeap, weird names. But i believed there are reoson behind those names. SUNSILK did not called SUNSILK for nothing right? (^__^)

I played the Saron Baron. Ah, gomen, i didn't have the pictures for all instruments.
But i am sharing you this. Please, take a look.

Saron Baron

Meet my class mate, Najmi. She was so focus playing her instrument at first.

Didn't realize miss camera caught her

Ahh.. and now she realized and gave us that cute look

Already bored and... Eh~~~ dont sleep there Najmi!!

Just Sharing. By the way, her instrument called Bonang

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