Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!!!!

Finally i can get my hand on this! Yatta.. Ooops, Alhamdulillah.

Our family plan to go celebrate Raya at my dad's hometown which is in Kota Tinggi had to be cancel in LAST minute. A bit frustrated cos i am really looking forward to celebrate raya there this time.

"thanks" to my dad's Prado to turn we into this mess( the Prado Broke down!!). So, after 'quick meeting' we finally decided to celebrate Hari raya at my mom's hometown. Which is in Tanjung Malim.

This is the mess, we have a big family consists of 9 members, and to travel in a long journey, we could only ride my dad's Prado. Thanks god we still have another car which is the old Nissan. But it couldn't take all of us. Half of us have to "tumpang" our relative that will be going to Tanjung Malim that day. That's how we end up celebrate Raya in Tanjung Malim.

While we were there, me keep promoting SUNSILK and distributing SUNSILK voucher to my cousins and relatives. (What la me~~)

I ve already capture a great moment of us, but my lil bro accidentally deleted ALL the picture in our digicam!! Thanks god i still have my handphone. Although it just 3.2 mp. It Saves me!

We came back home on the third day of Syawal. Feel sooo tired yet satisfied. As i start to feel sleepy now, let me share few pic though. enjoy~~

With my cousin Nadia, she keep 'adjusting' her shawl~~ lol

Sometimes, it is FUN to become a 'cam whore'~~
I rarely wear tudung like this. I bet, everyone know how to wear tudung like this, Right?

With my cousin, Anis Aliya. ( kawaii deshou?? )

Nadia. She looks good in shawl isn't she?

I wish i know how to wear a shawl~~ Ah.. will ask her to teach me later. Then i ll teach u.. *wink wink*

Again, with cousins ( Aiman, me and Nadia )
Theme :: "Hapiness of Syawal"

My sisters and bro. Yeap, our theme for this Hari Raya is GREEEEN

My mom's kampung house. ( before...)

Ahh.. but it have been renovated into this. (No more kampung style.. *sobbing* )
(pic taken in the middle of renovation process)

My beloved mom and dad.

My lil bro, Iwan. He thought he look cute doing that. lol

Looking GREAT with just ONE minute. Wow, just like SUNSILK.
Actually i grab this tudung from my auntie because i want to try it ( never want to try it before ). I never knew you could actually looking good in ONE minute. No more brooches and pins.

zzz oops it suppose to be xxx (<--- see how sleepy i am??~)

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