Friday, September 25, 2009


Beware .... this post consists a LOT of pictures~~~ ngeee........


Few month ago, i participate in a sports carnival. To be exact, i am representing my Uni for MASUM (Majlis Sukan Universiti Malaysia )

Before going to UUM Sintok

The event held in UUM Sintok.

While waiting for the bus

My cheerful team during our training.( really hot day isn't it?)
They might using SUNSILK like me by looking on their smiling faces~~

With Our coach. Our team is special because our coach is from UM and representing UM for handball male team. ^___^

With my team after match.

It was a very hot day and i should felt uncomfortable dealing with the weather.

In addition, i wear tudung. And my hair have to stuck in it in a day. Thanks god I have SUNSILK with me. So, i can endure the week with no problem at all.

Ermm.. we did not win anything, but i have great experience. Our handball team only managed to get into quarter final which means something to us ( since we never qualified to quarter 4 years in a ROW! )

We have the Akademi Fantasia's celebrities on the opening ceremony! Zahid and Mila. Oh, we also have Aris Ariwatan singing his 'Lamunan Terhenti'.

Ooops scandal.. lol na.. just a FRIEND

During Opening Ceremony

Zahid AF 2


Aris Ariwatan

On our LAST Match against UTM

The unofficial result

If i am not mistaken, IIUM only got 4th place ( thanks to karate team ), with UiTM being the first followed by UM and UPM.

ps:: we lost to UiTM but then UiTM become the group champion and we lost to UTM which won the GOLD medal for woman handball team later. So, i consider it as 'lost with respect'.

Tentukan Hidup Anda!!!

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