Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Convocation

Last 2 weeks, me and Zai were officially graduate!! Yeay!! After few year study without fail, me and her can wear that 'jubah' and mortal board. Enjoy the pic.

Our transkrip

We sunsilk, we can have a great time without worrying anything.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hmm. i really want to share something related to 'tudung' fashion. But i think i should do some research first.

Since i am not a fashionable type of girl. Well, i could consider this would be my chance to learn and change.

For starters, let look at this 'tudung'.

click here --> \(^o^)/

A friend of mine is doing some business by selling this tudung. You could contact him if you want. ( sunsilk's crew do remind me if this is not allowed )

He repeatedly begged me to buy this tudung. He said that it will look good if i wear it with a coat. But i always disappointed him. You know why? because i don't think my face suit that kind of tudung. Just like hair styles, tudung styles also affected your look rite?

For me, even people said this look good on me or that will make me look more prettier or anything sound something like that, but if i NEVER felt that way, i cannot be confident.

It goes the same if i really feel confident wearing something that people would said that look bad on me, it makes me look fatter or so on. I don't care as long as i feel confident in it.

Well, depends on you guys. how u represent your self.

But hey, if you want to buy that tudung do contact him yeah... Err and don't forgot to credit me for promoting his business even i m not buying it at least i give him a favor... :b

contact him --> \(^o^)/

credit to :: g-jart

Discount Voucher!!!

click on pic to get the voucher!!!!
You could print it by yourself.

The GOOD old days

Ah... finally i can spent my weekend with my family, breaking the fast together. it brings back the memory of the good old days. Hey, what more important than you fren right??

Btw, our old school organized a "buka puasa reunion" last Saturday. Feel sooooo great seeing old frens. Thanks god, i still remember their name. There s a LOT of girls and i feel soooo HAPPY to see them.

Even not all still single and available. (you got what i mean?). One of our batch who got married last year is now pregnant and currently waiting for the BIG DAY. Congrats Hajar. I m hoping you ll deliver safely.

another person is Aini. She s my classmate back in school. She s not here with her husband today. She said her hubby got work to do in Sarawak. Pity her.. She must miss him a lot. ( she got married on June i think)

guess, which one me :b

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The other girl..

Hello girls...
We are the other girls in this friendship of four.
Its me, Iqa and Zai...
Both of us are just graduate from UPM. And now Im continuing my master and Zai is working as research assistance here. Both of us are using Sunsilk as our routine shampoo when we need to wash our hair.

Ok girls. I need to do my unfinish work. We will write later and also upload some picture of us.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009


You don't know what types of face you have??

uh uh dun worry, we can help you to determine what types of faces you have.

To start, have a seat in front of a mirror and pull your hair back from your face with a headband or turban. Now, really look at your face as a whole. Ask yourself these questions:-

• Following my hairline and jaw-line as the outer perimeter of my face,
what is the overall shape?
• How wide is my forehead when compared to my jaw-line?
• Is my jaw-line wider than my forehead?
• When looking at myself straight on do I appear to have more space
between my eyes than between the outer corner of my eyes and my
hairline at the temples?
• How prominent and rounded are my cheekbones?

By asking these questions, you can determine the shape of your face. The most common facial shapes are as follows:-

Oval - Oval faces are characterized by being slightly wider at the cheekbones than the forehead or jaw-line. The oval face appears slightly wider at the cheek-line and tapers slightly to the chin.

Square - The square face has a wide forehead and strong, wide jaw-line. It can appear more rectangular if the face is narrow and more traditionally square if the face is wide.

Triangle - The triangle shaped face has a narrower forehead and a prominent or wide jaw-line.

Inverted Triangle - This shape is characterized by a wide forehead and narrow jawline and chin.

Round - This shape is what it says, a face without sharp angles and tending to be wider at the cheeks and having softer "corners" along the jaw-line and forehead.

So, what you re waiting for?? Go find a mirror and start styling your hair~~


hair VS face

There are many, many types of hairstyles out there, but not all will look good on you unless the hairstyle fits the shape of your face ( n people have different types of faces as well ).

We made some research and we found that, below are the different hairstyles with different types of face.

An oval face.

The oval face is the perfect face. Almost any hairstyle will go with it, whether it is long or short, straight or curly. If you have an oval face, you will do well with having layers near your chin or cheekbones to draw attention to them. However, try to avoid hairstyles that add volumes to the top of your head, it will make your face look longer.

A long face.

If you have a long or oblong face, you should create the illusion of width to balance it out. You can add width to your face by doing your hair with long, side-swept bangs or chin-length bobs. You will also do well with curls and waves that frame the face.

If you have a long or oblong face, you should avoid letting your hair grow extremely long or having your hair cut extremely short. Such extreme hairstyles will take the width from your face and emphasize its length.

A round face.

If people with long faces need to add width to their faces, people with round faces need to take some of the width and bulk off by adding length. If your face is round you need to create the illusion of length, and to do this, you can have your hair cut just below your chin, or in graduated layers. Do not do your hair in short, one-length, blunt cuts, as it will only draw attention to the roundness of your face.

A square face.

Having a square face means having an angular jaw. The hairstyle trick with having a square face is drawing attention away from that jaw. This is done by putting texture to your hair. Short curls do exactly this, as well as long layers that start just below the jawline. If your face has a square shape, you should try not to have your hair cut in one-length bobs or wear bangs that are cut bluntly. It will only emphasize the squareness of your face.

A heart-shaped face.

Heart-shaped faces are pretty Valentines, but the pointed chin draws attention away from the eyes. If you have a heart-shaped face, you could bring focus to your eyes by wearing side-swept bangs, a fringe on your brow or long layers at the top. Or you could let your hair grow and have it done with layers that touch your cheekbones.

Hopes this tips can help you guys become more confident with your self..

credit goes to ::


The Magic of Henna

The henna tree, Lawsonia inermis, grows in hot, arid regions. We also have this tree in Malaysia ( i have one in my backyard and one in our garden ^^).

The strong pigment, lawsone, actually temporarily stains the skin. Lawsone is a
tannins. Tannins are also found in tea. They infuse porous surfaces with a darker pigment, but do not chemically alter the surface permanently.

Henna is good for your hair. Especially, if you add lemon juice and curds (yogurt) to it to make a thin paste.
Apply this on your hair and wash it off after an hour. But if it's rich brown hair color that you want then add coffee to henna, along with sugar, lemon juice and tea - water. Apply this to your scalp and wash off after half an hour. You will have a beautiful reddish brown colour.

Dying with henna is entirely temporary. Hair dye may last up to six weeks, but skin dye will probably not stay visible for more than a week. This is because the dye has only sunken into the uppermost layer of dead and dying skin. When your skin flakes off through natural exfoliation, it will be gradually replaced by fresh skin of your natural color. Henna hair dye will also slowly fade away to your hair's original color, but will not leave any lines or stripes like synthetic dye.

According to Islam 'The best thing with which to dye hair is Henna and Katm.' (Mentioned in Fath Al-Bari) Henna makes the hair red, while Katm, a plant from Yemen, colors it black, tinged with red.



"It takes you one minute to have great hair"

That was what Sunsilk told us. Right??

But it only takes you 1 minute to make our dream comes true.

Click here!! insert your name and email and click vote. ( then follow the instruction )

our OFFICIAL logo

Uh uh we think we should put more widget in here.

Since some of us still in the middle of quizzes tests and midterms, we should do it later. But do view our blog again. You can also vote as many as you want ( as long as not on the same day ).

with love

Help me focus...

I have Quiz in about 4 hours from now. But i still not finish study the topic for the quiz. Help ma....!
cannot Focus!



Must concentrate....

ps: the quiz will cover 3 chapt but i did not even finish 1 yet!!!

Sky high

The sky is high but i m holding on,
i m gonna be your number one,
i m not a kind of girl
Who give up just like that.

This song just came across my mind. The main point of this post is SKY. In Japanese, SKY = sora.

Yesterday, the sky seems quite 'beautiful'. I love the scenery soooo much. Let me share the view.

Representing AOI SORA = the 'blue sky'


Yo, its "AOI" again~~~

Remember i told you about my mom that love to have a black and shiny hair by using Sunsilk black and shiny shampoo?? Actually this is like a few months back story ( i told u i REALLY have lot of 'hair and shampoo' story rite).

Me and my family were going for a holiday in Lumut Perak. When we was there, we also done some shopping for my little sis that will be going to Kolej Matrikulasi Penang the next day. So, i 'secretly' took 1 bottle of Sunsilk smooth and manageable shampoo (375ml) and 1 Sunsilk smooth and manageable nourishing conditioner (350ml) and put it in the trolley since my dad will be paying. Back in hotel, he was like, "Who bought this?". And i have to admit that i was the 'culprit'. He not mad at me actually. He just curios and afraid someone would accidentally put the shampoo and conditioner in the trolley.

Then i put the shampoo in the bathroom i our hotel so that i will use it later. Then my mom came back from pool and went to the bathroom for shower, and i know she was using my shampoo and conditioner.

So, that's the story end for our trip to Lumut. A few days back, when i came home during weekend, i was surprised to see both SUNSILK smooth and manageable shampoo and conditioner was in our bathroom! Hurray!! finally my mom realized how important to have a smooth and manageable hair as well as black and shiny hair.

Oh, my surprise did not end there, when i was talking to my mom ( a daughter-mom talk) she was 'merungut' bout something.

" I hate using the pink Sunsilk shampoo now.. "

"Eh~~", I was really surprised to hear that. And quickly ask why.

"When i want to 'sanggul' my hair or even using the hair clip, it will usually fall down.."

err.. you get what i mean right? When i heard her saying that, i just smiled and replied back.

"Well, its SUNSILK SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE mom. Of course it makes your hair smooth and softer. What would you expect?"

Dush.. What la my mom..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Voucher anyone?

Hey, it "AOI" again. I guess my fellow blog mates still didn't have much time to blog in here.

I am distributing my discount voucher to my friend. I even sound like a promoter of Sunsilk asking everyone.

"Do you wear Sunsilk?"


Well, some yes and some not. For those who answered yes, i give them 2,3 voucher. So they can buy more and save it for a couple of months. For those who never used Sunsilk, i even promote to them how good Sunsilk is.

"When using the conditioner, your hair will become 3X softer and smoother rather than using only a shampoo!"

Yeap i sound advertising..

But everyone should have a GREAT hair. So, i don't want to be stingy not giving the voucher to others. rite??

Uh uh Fasting month is coming.

Happy fasting u guys.

Ramadhan Mubarak~~

Self Introduction

Well, i would say that it is a great opportunity to blog and you can go to Paris. It is sooooo great is it?

So firstly, let i make a litle introduction so you guys don't wondering who is talking here.

Okay i just want to be known as aoi star. My real name? oh it fine with only hikahoshi. I guess you could actually guess what my real name is.

im 22... yet. i m still didn't act like one. In a simple words, i m way too young for my age. Haha you could labeled me as childish and not matured. Really, no hurt feeling. When i first met people, they usually said,
"Are you the last child in your family?'

or even something like,

"You a PTS student aren't you?

I just smiling and laughing. Because its totally not true. And Totally opposite what they thought.

Ah, should i rant bout hair and Sunsilk. Would i sound 'skema' by doing that?
Hmm... who cares? Rite?

I ALWAYS want to rant something about my hair and shampoo products that i used in my current blog. But i might end up sound silly by doing that. So, i never tried to write one.

So, i guess, now it is my chance!!

My friends always got jealous with my hair. They usually said they want hair like mine. They even once ask me how did i take care of my hair and i usually answered with a smile on my face,

"I 'm using SUNSILK, you guys should try once"

I am really glad i m using this product. Even i am a girl who wears a 'tudung' it never stop me to treat my hair as it should.

I have a long hair since i was small. I never cut my hair short. Ermm actually my mom never cut my hair short. She loves seeing her daughter to have long hairs like hers. I have this natural brown'ish' color but my mom prefered black. She usually using the Sunsilk black shine at home because she believed that her hair will remains black and shiny. So, when i am going home, i NEVER used that shampoo instead i bring my own shampoo from hostel. ( yeah u can laugh at me ). I am afraid my hair would turn black and shiny. ( what la me~~)

Sunsilk Blog to paris

Whew, i m not actually a 'join a competition' type of girl. But i end up doing this stuff because i love blogging. Lol.

It was a fine sunny morning when me n my friend, Mar went to the center. There, i saw few of people promoting Sunsilk. I went to see what was that all about and been introduced to this competition.

Well, i just need to buy any Sunsilk product rite? And since there is some discount, i decided to buy Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Hair and recovery treatment. Apparently, i don't have one and want to include it in my 'collection'. ( new hobby??)

Ahh.. feel soooo great to have all of the product. Thanks Sunsilk!

While i was there with my course mate
+, Mar i ask her to be my gang ( uh uh i been TOGETHER with her since our matriculation time. Its been almost 6 years now!)

Then i started to call my school friend that also LOVE blogging. I rarely see her in actually. Because we usually meet in this virtual world. She's a really nice girl btw and we have the same interest. Right Iqa? Since Iqa was a UPM student, i ask her to find another member so she were not alone doing her stuff there.

So, basically our blog will have story about 2 unis. ( i already asked the person in charge and she said okay to have diff university member in one team). Therefore, it should be a lot of fum reading new stories everyday from 2 different university right??

Okay, that's all for now. Enjoy reading.

Hoshi's LoVe


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