Saturday, September 12, 2009

Skiil Gamelan Class

Regarding the Gamelan Skill Class. I forgot to write about this yesterday.

There's someone in the class that looks like some one i know, but of course he is not him. You know what, i can't take my eyes of him in yesterday class...! I bet he should realize that i keep 'usha'ing him from the moment he came in. *dush*

Syhh.. don't tell him. I will secretly take a picture of him next class ok. Yakusoku ne~~

There's ONLY 4 guys in our class. BTW, I didn't seen him before in part 1 class.

But i do have this assumptionHOT GUYS + Gamelan = Not COOL

Hey it just my assumption yo! But he proves me wrong. eheh

( hurmm maybe he didn't have a choice and take the class, IDK. I saw his name in the attendence list, and he also an Engineering student!! Why i never see him before ?? )

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