Thursday, September 3, 2009

Story Telling?

Theme :: Repunzel
Title :: Let Down Your Hair.
Pairing :: Repunzel, The Prince, Sunsilk Smooth And Manageable(??)
Author :: aoi a.k.a hika
Description :: The OLD fairy tale that inspired me to have LONG hair~~

"Repunzel, Repunzel Let down your hair"

"Oh my darling Repunzel, why did you have such a messy hair?"

"I am stuck up here and cannot go to salon my dear Prince...", cried Repunzel.

"Here, i bring you SUNSILK SMOOTH AND MANAGEABLE shampoo. Use the Shampoo everyday with one minute care using the nourishing conditioner and once a week use the hair treatment"

"Oh thank you my dear Prince"

"I will come back Next week", said the prince.

----- One week later -----

"Repunzel, Repunzel, Let down your hair."

"Wow, what a beautifull and smooth hair you have. And the smell of yoghurt really made me hungry my dear", praised the Prince. Repunzel Smiled, shy.

The Prince try to climb up the tree using Repunzel hair like he always do, but he failed this time.

"What s wrong my dear Prince? Didn't you have the energy to climb up here?" Asked Repunzel.

"OO my love Repunzel, your hair sooo smooth and i slip down everytime i try to climb up..."

---- The END -----

ahhhh.... Such a great day today to make me THIS insane and write some ridicilous story. Hoho.

Hope you enjoy this fic.

Uh uh, i write more fiction if any came in mind ya..

Keep in touch to know the latest info.



ps: ignored my grammatical and typo errors. ;) in a rush!

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