Saturday, September 26, 2009


I am not a big fan of her. But i think i will. She sooooo pretty, and gorgeous, and cute, and....

Actually, i love seing her in NINKYO HELPER. A new Japanese Drama that has just finished aired in Japan. This drama revolves around 'yakuza' and KUROKI MEISA is a kumi-cho! ( the female boss)

yabu kota
pic credit : potato 09

I watch this drama because of YABU KOTA. The oldest and hottest member of Hey! Say! JUMP. But i adore Kuroki Meisa Hair since the first episode. Look, a female yakuza boss with a GREAT hair!!! I just LOVE it!

Yeap, as other drama, it has some twist in the story line. They were yakuza but working as a helper in an old institution.

kuroki meisa in action.

ninkyo helper

pics credit to :

with the kawai actor~~

this pic credit to :

While searching for Kuroki Meisa's pic, i found her BLOG!!! i mean some one translate it in ENGLISH!!! OMG, luv it. I found few celebs blog before but, this time i kinda excited. Because there is a picture of her in NINKYO HELPER set...!

love her hair. love her!!

visit Kuroki Meisa's blog translation here

other JAPANESE celebs

-Ueto Aya ( the cabin attendance in Attention Please)

-Inoue Maou ( the leading actress in Hanayori dango, meteor garden japanese version)

-Horikita Maki ( in Hanazakari kimitachie, the drama that already aired on 8tv!!)

-they have MORE... i just share some celebs u might know and i love


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