Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baju Raya

oops.. before i go back to my 'kampung' check out my baju raya!!


Only have this baju kurung for hari raya. My cousin made it for me.
Another baju raya still in my aunt's house. I forgot to pick it up.

Other than the traditional 'baju raya', I also have this dress. I begged asked my father to have this dress.

From harajuku section in Jusco. Can't wait to wear this. ( cos my dad strictly remind me to wear this ONLY for Hari Raya )

So, as i am capturing clothes from my wardrobe lets check what else i have ( just a dresses tho)

Love this, i have this on my trip to Malacca

Hehe this is NEW from Times Square

This is my fav dress! Always save me in any situation.

From Jusco Bukit Tinggi. luv it

Act, this is my sis dress. But i always wear it.. lol

New as well! From Times Square!

Well let me tell you a secret.

I never use extra money to buy this dresses. As long it looks pretty and cute i will buy it. AND the most important thing is, it CHEAP. Each dresses cost me less that rm 20!! Trust me. You can look gorgeous even you spent less money.

Just like SUNSILK. You can have beautiful and GREAT hair with only RM 7.90 ( promo pack ). Grab your voucher on top of this blog, print it, and bring it to nearest WATSON and grab your SUNSILK!!

Why miss the chance??


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