Monday, September 28, 2009


Last Saturday, i went to my uncle engagement ceremony. There were 2 engagement ceremony held that day. Another is my school friend, Syazwani Norazmi. Congrats both on your engagement...!

Since my uncle's ceremony was in KL and Wani's in Taman Sri Andalas, Klang, i did not get to go to both places. So I am sorry Wani. I wish i coud see your pics later.

Wani was a friend of mine that bit 'gila gila' and 'un-matured' like me, so i was REALLY surprised to know that she will getting married soon and EARLY. In addition, her hubby to be is a USTAZ!! How GREAT was that!! I am glad for you Wani. ( i pray for my USTAZ too.. *giggles*)

Owh, and my uncle. He is not a way too older than me. I am the oldest grandchild in family and my uncle just 4 years older than me. Congrats Pak Usu!!


Before, i don't wear make up much when i am going out, but this year i just want to make a slight change. ( since i saw my sister already start to wear it!!). Since i also see my SUNSILK leave on conditioner in my bag, i start to apply some so my hair will be easier to manage. ;)

( sorry that was random )


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