Friday, September 4, 2009


sorry too much rant for today.

had a bad day today. NOT a BAD hair day. Sunsilk NEVER dissappoint me.

So, it s been 14 day we were fasting. How' s you guys doing? I didn't take my 'sahur' this morning and end up tired and sleepy. I slept after zuhur at about 3 o'clock and suddenly when i wake up, its already 6.30pm!!! I sleep very soundless today.

I should take my 'sahur' next time.

Back to rant about daily life. I have 3 Mid Terms waiting for me.

    VLSI - 070909

    Software Engineering - 090909

    Communication Engineering - 090909

Yeap. 2 papers in a day! I have to spend my weekend wisely and worried more bout midterms rather than unrelated stuff.

Wish me luck guys! I have to increase my pointer this semester. In order to do that, i HAVE to work harder than before. Last semester for the very first time my pointer increase. (hurray!!) but only increase by 0.001. *sigh*

Ah in this fasting month dont be naughty okay. Its the month of barakah and you should take advantage out of it. Each good deeds we do grant us double or triple rewards! So, why miss the good chances?

For those who were not Muslim, they could try fasting together with their Muslim friends. It is proven that, fasting could grant us good health. well, maybe suitable for those on diet as well

currently watching NUR KASIH at TV3
( Love TIZ ZAQYAH after i watched her as Kak Iqa in Sunsilk Impian Ilyana)

well guys, that's all for now.

sleeping beauty on the line..

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