Saturday, September 5, 2009


MarHoshi in study mode rite now (do i seem like it?)
done 1 paper this morning..*relieved*
3 more to go..*sigh*
and..there's bunch of assignments and report need to be finish in a very limited time constraint..
and oh..I didnt get my sahur this morning..feel a little bit tired, but need to get strength to get prepared for the next's tomorrow..! *faint*

Demo..u know what...I always end up sleeping once I studying..huahua..

May this ramadan gives me the strength to keep it up..
Like SUNSILK give us strength to our hair! ~~ ^__^

Girls, wish me and hika for our papers ok! --lots of luv --

p/s :: iqa usagi post makes me jealous..bestnyeee dpt jmp ss501..Jongmal!

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