Monday, September 21, 2009


Just want to share some pics of us that I pick randomly from my files... I actually want to post something related to tudung styling...but we're in the middle of holiday and not able to do something for this part yet, we've think to do some photo shoot on this after holiday end...wait for us ya! Enjoy the pics ^___~

hani tied her tudung in flower shape putting it on her left side..Arghh, why her hand covering it..>___<

Hani trying her shawl right after I gave it to her (pls ignored the background)..Thank God she luv it ^__^

Introducing to you a cute best friend of me and hika, Shida. She trying to match the jubah with tudung from the wardrobe..nice right, I luv her smiling eyes! hehe ^__^

Me trying my hard head scarf with the shawl that my mom bought during our Umrah.

Taken during our best friend's wedding..see the different style of tudung we wear?hehe...

**To be continue...

Keep updating with us for brand new photos, we're definitely gonna shoot for it!
Lastly, Eid Mubarak for all Muslim, don't forget to take the chance in this month of Syawal to perform 6 Days Fasting, a lot of rewards still awaiting for you eventhough Ramadhan has past ^^,

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