Saturday, September 12, 2009

Going home for holiday!!

Yeay... Holiday for 2 weeks!!!

Alhamdulillah.. Already packed my bag(s). lol.

Ah, Dont forget to bring along my SUNSILK SMOOTH and MANAGEABLE set!!

My mom called last morning, she said she's waiting for me so we could make the cookies for HAri RAya together. Well mom, wait for me okay!!

(wink wink)

A new GREAT story from one of my closest friend. ( ahh.. finally i could revealed it, she don't let me said this in public before, but since she already post it on her blog,she might be ready to announce it )




Take a good care of your health okay!!!
You will become a mom soon, so start to act like one. ^^

Luv you Nela!!

ps :: still can't imagine that i will present final year project with her and her "big" tummy. ;b

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