Monday, September 7, 2009

This is out of BLUE~~ Gomen

I guess the fandom world still don't want to leave me. Ah, Gomen for this uncommon post.
Credit :: [info]katrinasacay for the marvelous pics!

Let me introduce them. Its Ikuta Toma and Yamashita Tomohisa!!!
I think the first pic is the recent pic and the second is.. yeah, we can see it right?

Toma and Yamapi in their 20 s.

the teenage Toma and Yamapi

In case you don't know this 2 ikemen. They both popular in japanese drama. Both of their drama have been aired on 8tv yo..!

Have you watched it? Hanazakari Kimitachie where Toma acts as Nakatsu Suichi and also Honey and Clover on 8tv before??

And Yamashita Tomohisa also known as Yamapi acts in Proposal Daisakusen together with Nagasawa Minami??



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