Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I m being POSITIVELY positive today. Even Mar said so.

I kept telling my fren positive things.

I kept telling them, there is good reason behind every thing happen.

When My fren's boy friend did not want to talk to her and just walk away from her that day, i said that maybe he tired, or maybe he has a piling of assignments to think of.

When a friend of mine didn't seem excited to meet me, i said this to my self,
"Maybe he saw me before, that s explain why he did not as excited as me..."

It's GREAT to become positive thinker...

Today, i met people that i don't see for months!

That maybe the reason why i stay POSITIVE the whole day.

Keep thinking, why did i became so positive today.

Then when i reached my room and take off my tudung, ah ha... now i know why..

Maybe i have a GREAT hair day today. Uh uh it didn't sound right is it? But, who knows, maybe its one of the reason.

Ermm... maybe because i got full mark for VLSI Quiz today!

Oh, tomorrow i have midterm for EAP course. I hope i still have this POSITIVITY in me tomorrow.

Wish me luck!

Who knows, who knows.


* EAP - English for Academic Purposes
* VLSI - Very Low Speed Integrated Circuit

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