Saturday, September 5, 2009

To Hikari

My darling Hikari Chan....

I think next time u better follow me when SS501 got their fanmeeting and Im 100% sure that u will fall in love with them. They just so so so handsome and nice. U must follow me to their concert this December. I cant forget the moment Jung Min say "Apa Khabar" to me and the way he say "Terima Kasih". So cute!!!


Ok, wake up again. Thanks to sunsilk coz I used it to wash my hair before I going to KLIA to greet SS501. There's no more 'gatal-gatal' and I just enjoy my day with SS501. I think all of u must listen to all SS501 album and watch all their show, and u will know why Im so into it.. Love SS501 so much! Just watch 'Thanks for waking us up' and 'Thanks for raising me up' (just watch it in you tube). And u will know the reason why... Dont forget to watch the famous Korean Variety show, 'We Got Married' because many fan fall in love with Hyun Jung tru this show.

Now I need to continue finishing my thesis's proposal. See u in the next post ya...

(miss u hikari)

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