Monday, January 4, 2010

Turun kan ini

Perasan?? Voucher di atas tu dah diturunkan. Sebab voucher tu dah expired.

Okay. Nothing more or less. Happy New Year ALL of you....!!!

May 2010 bring happiness and joy..

Our 2009 gave us a unforgettable memory ever...!

We join SUNSILK BLOG TO PARIS contest.

We went to the grand Finale which we never imagine we will ever be there.

We were photographed like a celebrities.. (duh~~)

Well.. it was a great experienced!!


Now, i am not scared/afraid to stand and speak in front of other people anymore, (in class, presentation etc.) since i ve been talking in front of LOTS of media( for me, its a lot) on the grand finale party!

Hoshi's LoVe


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