Saturday, September 5, 2009


model = spokesperson??

oh please dont. may i have some one else to be our "BARBIE"?? some one moooooore prettier.. ( uh uh sign of low self esteem )

Cannot la... i m a shy girl you know. Hmm, see i really blog about everything. Well then, i think i will take my lil sista as our 'barbie'. She s more fashionable than me. In fact, more prettier than me. Our parent said that she will looks good on everything she wear. Even it just an old tshirt or with a 'crumple' tudung.

Haven't you heard about this 'superstitious'.? When a baby was born and their 'tali pusat' is around their neck, the old people said they will look good in everything they wore.

Yeah i heard this many time from my auntie that used to praise my lil sis a lot.

Well, i m not jealous or something. We were related by blood. By the way, people used to say that she look like me. Maybe she more prettier i think. lol. Sorry for this uncommon sense.

This is random, but i should write this and i m not bluffing. Since my sista look at me as her role model or something she always do what i did. Wear something that i wear. She looking forward for everything i do. Sometime i could say that she steal my personality.
She even want to use the same Shampoo like me. Even her hair was not suitable for Sunsilk smooth and manageable. But still, at the end of the day, it look good on her.

Ok, she will going back for Hari Raya. Then i will go photo shoot my sista. is that fine??

Sign of for now.


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