Thursday, September 24, 2009

Engineering Sports Carnival


Love sports? Who said woman cannot play sports well? ( SUNSILK cm proved it )

Before Ramadhan, our faculties which is Kuliyyah Of Engineering organized an Engineering Sports Carnival. i am participating since my first year in IIUM. But this time, i played table tennis and handball.

Only managed to get bronze for both.

But seriously, the day was hectic. I have class in the morning, then in the evening i have handball match and at night i have table tennis!

That night. after the tired day, i took shower and grab my SUNSILK. All the muscle ache and tired flow out.

The most important is, i still can keep my hair great and healthy even i was BUSY the whole day and week ...!

Mar and Shida also give support for me and my partner

After the tired day with Mar, Shida n Nela in front of our Mahallah ( hostel )

I play double with her, Nela. I didn't know she pregnant while entering this sports carnival. Even she don't know bout it.


Me with my handball team, Sarah

During the game

Tentukan Hidup Anda!!!

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