Friday, September 11, 2009


2 girls have been found crazy about something new in town! They were said to 'stalk' that thing and even admit that they already in love!

The girl in red think she could smell yogurt out of this poster!

Our crew went there and interviewed those girls.

Hoshi's crew :: What are you guys doing?
Girl in white :: Don't you see? We were in love~~
Girl in red :: yeah, and i could smell yogurt from here. You should try..

Yes, SUNSILK was in town! and everyone seems excited about this GREAT news.

the billboard

The promotion! Everyone, its only take you ONE minute to have GREAT hair!!
Why miss the chance?

The person in charge even promote SUNSILK worldwide!

The popular variety program, E! reported that they saw the popular PARIS HILTON doing some confession that she always use SUNSILK leave on moisturizer before go public.

The famous POSH Beckham also admitted that she's been using SUNSILK for ages!!

Hoshi's crew have also been informed that, not even human but animal as well seems to fall in love with this product!

Picture Taken secretly showed a mamma cat and her kitty was sooooo in love with SUNSILK shampoo and hope they could use the product!

One of Hoshi's crew's cat is actually caught admiring the SUNSILK leave on conditioner when her owner display the SUNSILK leave on conditioner picture on her desktop.

Well, Seems SUNSILK won a big HIT today. Have you tried once?

OKAY, i think i need to settle down and use this product when i reach home later.

That's all guy, come and watch HOSHI in ACTION again at the same time and place ( to get latest info!!

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