Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Day with SS501

Thanks to hikari for the special post for me.. =) I havent time yet to write all the story bout them. Even in my own blog also I post it late. Im so busy nowdays with tones of work and my unfinished thesis's proposal. Im such a bad post graduate student.

Ok.. Leave all the thesis and post-graduate matter, here's something to share... photo from the SS501 auto session. The photo will tell thousand story for what happen at that day.

That me with the black and white blouse

Spot me!! Not-so-berjaya-camerawoman

The chef was busy preparing Korean dinner for our boys


SS501 with their drawing

Triple S Malaysian Banner.

Tag for reporter

I wonder, how they can stand with all that kind of flash hit their eyes..

Wave from SS501

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