Saturday, September 26, 2009

Duit Raya

Haha... it has been proven that i still YOUNG to receive a duit raya!!!

yeayy for me..

As i am writing this post, i already prepared my phone to bluetooth the pics into this lappy, but i didn't know that my sis's lappy doesn't have bluetooth.* sigh*

But since i AM to eager to make a POST, i will update later with the pics. already updated.

Not much actually but, hey i am a 22 years old girl and still got duit raya from my relatives MORE than my other siblings. Isn't that great??

Urmm.. for tomorrow we will start our class. Owh, i mean on Monday. After 2 weeks away from Uni! I already have feeling this hols just like end of semester hols. I am also forget my class schedule!!! *get hit*

Since i can forget my own class schedule, what happen to my studies??? * get hit again*

Argh.. have to start from scratch?
Have to start revision from chapter 1!!!??

Okay, stop for now. Busy that later. All i remembered, i have class at 8.30 am on Monday ( i hope i can get up early!!!).

owh, for the picture, hurm.. i will find a usb cable now..

If i still cannot find it, i will repost this post later.
*continue searching*

found it.. ^___^

Thing thrash in my bag.

Thanks everyone...!!!


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