Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fairy tale

Theme :: Cinderella

Title :: 'Glass Hair Clippers'

Pairing :: Cinderella, The Prince, Sunsilk Black and Shine(??)

Author :: aoi a.k.a hika

Description :: The first fairy tale i LOVE

"Ding, Ding",

"Its already 12, i must go now",Begged Cinderella to the prince.

"Please dont go",The prince begged Cinderella too.

"I have to my dear prince",

Cinderella run as soon she said the word 'good bye' to the prince.

"Wait, dont go...!"

"At least, let me know your name."

Yell the prince. He tried to catch Cinderella. But he couldn't. She leave him in a blink of eye. The prince only manage to pick up Cinderella's 'Glass Hair Clippers'.

While holding the 'Glass Hair Clippers' he said,

"I promise, i will find you",

The prince remembered how he met Cinderella that night. As the ball was a masquarade party, no body know who's who. But the prince was fascinated by Cinderalla's Shiny and smooth hair. Immidietly he approached Cinderella and ask her for a dance. Cinderella aggreed and they began to dance.

While dancing, the prince could smell the sweet smell came from Cinderella's hair.He smiled. Cinderalla's hair not tangle at all. So the prince brave his self to ask Cinderella's a question.

"Who are you my dear? Are you goddess of hair?"the prince try to make a joke to start the conversation.

"No i am not", Answered Cinderella. She was shy to be praised like that.

"So, you went to a high class salon before you came here? Because your hair look so healthy"

"No i am not. Every one can have healthy hair without going to salon."

"What? How my dear?"

Now the music change into more classic and romantic dance. Cinderella and the prince continue dancing.

Cinderella the whispered to the prince ear,
"I m using Sunsilk Black Shine, so that's why my hair become so shiny, black and beautifull"

The prince then gave her a gift. Its a 'Glass Hair Clippers'. Cinderella thanks him. The prince tried to clip the 'Glass Hair Clippers' to Cinderella's hair. But the Clip easily fall down. Thanks god it s not fragile.


The prince smiled once again remembered the conversation between he and the mysterious girl.
The next morning, the prince start his mission in finding Cinderella. He went to each houses in the village.

To prove that the girl is the girl he danced last night, he brought the 'Glass Hair Clippers' with him. He asked the girl to wear it. Once the 'Glass Hair Clippers' stay in her hair, the prince become so frustrated.

He almost loose his patient in finding his love when he arived at Cinderella's house.

Cinderella's step sisters tried to wear the 'Glass Hair Clippers'. But as all the girls in the village do, the hair clippers didn't fall down and stayed on their hair.

The prince demand the 'Glass Hair Clippers' back and asked,

"Is there any girl in this house other than both of you?"

Suddenly the prince heard some one singing in the back yard. He quickly went there and he saw a girl with long and shiny hair wearing a head phone do the laundry.

As Cinderella humming with the music she heard through the headphones, she didn't realize the prince came. She even didn't realize that the prince slowly put the 'Glass Hair Clippers' on her hair but the 'Glass Hair Clippers' fall down. The prince tried triple time. The prince couldnt believe his eyes and quickly asked Cinderella to marry him.


and they live happily ever after....
---- The END -----


ah.. a girl can has 'wild' imagination did she?

Haha i m sorry to crack you up with this fiction.
This time it kinda long is it?
More longer than the Repunzel's hair fiction.

Ok i m serious now. Some one could actually fall for you for your beautifull hairs.
Try Sunsilk Black Shine with Deep sea black seaweed energizers to have shiny, healthy black hair.
Again, ignore my grammatical n typo error.
Will come with another fairy tale next time.
;) a GIRL can DREAM

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