Tuesday, September 15, 2009

placement countdown

only 2 days left...then i will now my job placement whether i will be posted at kuala lumpur, kedah, penang or might be kundasang? before this i really hope that i will be posted at 'utara' but now i hope that i will be posted at kuala lumpur. after 1 month doing OJT in kuala lumpur and live in a wonderfull house with my housemates, now i realize that i really happy with them
eventhough i hate with kuala lumpur atmosphere...

besides that, i also stress thinking about my department...whether i will be worked at finance department, HR, customer service etc....but i really hope that i will get finance department since i was sacrifice my 5 years studying in accounting field....and my ambition is to be an accountant. if i got department other than finance, so i need to change my ambition and it seems like i wasted my 5 years time studying accounting.i m really nervous waiting for that. before this i tried to call HR asking for my placement but she said "17 september ni datang menara aras 10 ambil offer letter ok"... damn!

i m hoping to hear a good thing in aras 10 menara telekom (scariest place for me and may be my colleuge also)...waaaaa!!!! i m afraid....!!!! but Sunsilk always be with me....

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