Saturday, October 31, 2009

My day out

Today I've been to Perodua Ipoh to service my car(my V). And I also take package for cleaning the whole car too..

I'm so happy when I saw my bright, shinning, pretty, cute darling... Oh my lovely car. You look so clean!!! (setelah 3 minggu xbasuh). I just cant stop smile when I see it.

Before I went to Ipoh, as usual I shampoo-ing my hair use this before I go out.

And after that, the problem begin. I don't know what to wear. I have three choice of blouse



and third

And lastly, I took the first blouse to wear. As usual, before going out I will make sure my hair is clean and smooth. So I use Sunsilk shampoo for anti dandruff. Since my hair is so 'lebat' I'm easy sweating and it cause dandruff. Before this my hair is lil bit oily and doesnt smell good. I used so many shampoo but the dandruff still there. Very not comfortable.

Now I using Sunsilk anti-dandruff and I really happy because there no more dandruff at my hair. Thanks to Sunsilk. Now, I can go out without worries.........


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