Saturday, October 17, 2009

i AM not bored... just TOO MUCH WORK TO DO

i dont feel like treating my hair nicely few days back. So many assignments, projects have to be submitted.
our UNI sot soooo many activity as well, with the convocation fiesta and stuff

It seems like 24 hours a day is not enough.

Since the 'not enough time' me thought 'i dont have enough time' i just shampooing my hair without using SUNSILK conditioner. But LOOK what happen, i feel terrible, messy, unmotivated, untidy.

You could see my workplace. piles of books.

*Maa, since today all my class have been canceled (only one class tho), i decided to give EXTRA care and treatment to my long 'Kitagawa Keiko' hair. ( i just realizes my hair toooooo long.. i never have short hair)

Kitagawa Keiko

*Yokatta~~ no one in the toilet, so NO one could actually think,
"Is she crazy or some kind of stalker??"
( coz bringing camera to the toilet )

But hey, i am not crazy, it just for our BELOVED hoshi. For our BELOVED Blog to Paris contest!

few, mins later some one came in. She entered the shower next to me. LOOK what i've found!!
*Suggoi~~ She using SUNSILK as well but *chotto, i NEVER see SUNSILK IN YELLOW!
Cool huh?

Apparently she is my foreigner neighbour ( that explained her yellow SUNSILK )


After spending GREAT moment with my hair, i feel different. TOTALLY different.

finally, a lil peace of mind

*Maa == well
*Yokatta == thanks goodness
*Suggoi == awosome, great
*chotto == wait

Common, lets make YOUR world shine MORE brightly. Go wash your hair with SUNSILK if you feel down or tension with studies etc.


it helps ne~~

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