Sunday, October 4, 2009

Henna for dying hair

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I think i wrote about this before, but this is just an extension for that. Refer this entry.

I always dyed my hair with Henna. With original mixture from the nature, I don't think there's anything BETTER than that.

I wont RISK my precious hair with SOME chemicals!!!

But I still want to have dyed hair.

FIRST. All you need to do is, you should have henna (of course.. lol ) *brick*. I usually take the henna leaves from our backyard. Separate the leaves and put in a blender( or you could use traditional way using the 'lesung batu').

Then, add an acid to the mix, such as lemon juice, or vinegar, will hasten the process of dye release. My grandmother ALWAYS remind me not to put water in the mixture because it will make the color fades. Just depend on the acid liquid.

If you don't like the smell of the mixtures, try adding herbal tea, spices or essential oils. But i LOVE henna smell.

There you go, you have your henna mixture now and ready to put on your hair..

Ah, it might be messy work to do, but you should be patient to have a beautiful and healthy hair. Wear some old clothes, or black clothes before you put the henna paste. If possible, wear a gloves to make sure your hand will not turn 'red' ish later.

The best time to wear henna is at night. Put the henna carefully on your hair. You could ask your friends to help you. When you satisfied, wrap your hair in the plastic bag. Wrapping the hair with towel or use a heat cap can produce a more vivid result more quickly.

Typically i left the henna on my head overnight.

To rinse the henna on the next morning, use cold water to remove the majority of the henna. Henna can be rinse thoroughly using only water. But for me, i am using SUNSILK CONDITIONER to help remove the henna easily. The rinsing is complete when there are no henna particle on you hair and the water ran out from your hair clear rather than yellow.

Enjoy dying...!


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