Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Leave on conditioner :: leave WITH your conditioner on

Leave with your conditioner!

*wink wink*

( this idea pop up while i'm wearing my SUNSILK leave on conditioner this morning )

When SUNSILK promoting their leave on coditioner, i don't really pay attention. I thought,
" Hey i am some one who wear 'tudung' what this leave on conditioner gonna benefits me?? "

i am WRONG guys. It do benefits me.

I have my FIRST SUNSILK leave on conditioner for free when it comes together with SUNSILK shampoo that i bought. I rarely wear it.

Then, i have this dandruff problems. Since i am too stubborn to change my SUNSILK smooth and manageable to SUNSILK anti dandruff, i just put some of leave on conditioner to my hair. ( it helps!! )

Then, i tried to put the leave on conditioner before put on my 'tudung'. The best part is, my hair become easier to manage when i came back from class. I feel like i just shampoo my hair a while ago.

Since then, i never LEAVE it..

There you go~~ a GREAT helps right??

For those who never actually own SUNSILK leave on conditioner, Click on the picture of the discount voucher on top of this blog, and print it. Bring it to your nearest WATSON and get RM2 discount. ( make sure WATSON scan the bar code first okay..)

random pic. i just feel like posting

ps:: i have my 'own for fun' free hair ( w/out tudung) picture which my roommates said me look like some korean stars.. LMAO. ( the first time i heard it ). But i can't post it here. ( pic taken after i doing some experiment with my SUNSILK leave on conditioner )

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