Friday, October 30, 2009

Triple S Gathering

Last Saturday, Triples S Malaysia make gathering at Soul Garden, One Utama. This is really a nice place for those who wanna try fresh food like this. I reaaly want to go to this place again.. The food is so yummy!!! And the price is not that expensive.

I hope Hoshi girl will meet in place like this. So we can makan2 and borak2 for the whole day!!!

At that day, Jen brought the Giant Birthday Card for my lovely Heo Young Seang.. Its really a huge birthday card and it cost RM500. and RM1000 to delivery it to Korea...

And again.. enjoy the pic..



With SS501 new album. REBIRTH!!! I want it!!!


Jen with the giant card

Inside the card

My wish for Young Seang (I dont have idea what to wrote)

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