Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ten ten

What's with the title??? *pointing my post title*

I was smiling when i saw the Hoshi's counter today. ( the moment i open Hoshi's Blog )

Ten ten. Yess! 1010. can be pronounced as tenten right?? *bricks*

Okay sorry, that was random.

Hey i have an interesting stories about tenten, i mean 1010.

Do you realize that a picture that displaying a watch or clock ALWAYS shown 1010??

prove #1

prove #2

prove #3

prove # 4proves # 5

( google it your self, and you can see plenty of picture match my description ).


I read this somewhere, a long time ago (as if i am OLD enough to remember anything! lol ).
I cannot recall where i get this info.
They display the watch/clock like that because it was said that it resembles the smiley face.
It shows, happiness and positiveness.

Make sense right? Even in doing business ( advertisement etc. ) we should think DEEPLY about small things.

That's it.. tenten guys..~~

ps :: i did not own ALL pics. Credit to whoever owned them Thank you~~


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