Friday, October 30, 2009

Outing before EXAM WEEKS!!!

It was A VERY hot day that day.

Mar ask,

"Lets go out, anywhere is fine",

Me agreed!! Since i ve been busy to go out before ( i mean beside Pasar Malam Of course )

We went by PUTRA. It has been a long time since the last time i ride a PUBLIC TRANSPORT. I just feel weird. Usually i ride my EGO. ( a girl in a skuter in KL. phew..! )

We still did not decide where to spend our weekend Mar said,

"we decide later when we reach the terminal",

And now we already queuing to buy ticket. Finally,


It was SUNDAY and there were LOT of people there,

We were fascinated by the wonderful and colorful ice cream ( since it was HOT before )

GREAT of ICE CREAMS... We tend to buy all the flavor, but checked our purse... We both face each other and smile~~

Finally we just shared 2 scoop of 2 different flavors of ice creams.

AND we forgot to capture the ice cream when we eat it properly because, at the moment we remembered, the ice cream already left at the bottom. lol.

Went for breakfast+lunch at KFC.

bla bla bla bla...


girls chatting.

Before we return to IIU that day,
stop here is a MUST!!!

We found some thing interesting beneath the rack, it just some people 'throw put' their 'rubbish' there. I don't think they behave appropriately.

I am about to do some 'BAD' thing too (different from them), but Mar STOP me. Uwahh.. i felt soooo grateful to have such a wonderful friend.

That is what friends for right?

and of course, i add new collections... *smile*

Yeay... tentukan hidup anda..!!

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