Thursday, October 22, 2009

Be different

To be different

Have you ever feel that no one seems to ignore you? or think you are not special?
Well, that thought could be change after you read this post.

Do something different. For example, stand up in class to speak your opinion.

Erm.. lets try this.
Instead of wearing the same color of shirts/baju kurung to class ( i mean plain and boring color ), try to wear bright color. Orange for example.

If you are wearing 'tudung', try to wear it in different way like this.
If you not wear 'tudung', try to put once in a while.

You still can be fashionable even though you hate the 'gypsy' style of tudung. Try to wear the popular 'tudung' now day. There were LOT of it right?

click here to see some GREAT looking 'tudung'

Oh, and for those who doesn't, try different hair do. Plait might be old fashion, but that will make you look different. Don't forget to put on SUNSILK LEAVE ON CONDITIONER before you do your hair. *wink wink*

Ouhh.. like i mention before, a tudung wearer also can use SUNSILK LEAVE ON CONDITIONER before put on their tudung.

Ermm.. what else?

That's all "kot"...

BUt remember, be confident in everything you do.


BTW, before i forget... Common girls, lets hang out this Saturday and don't miss your chance to be included in the MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORD.

read prev entry.

We, HOSHI really wish we could come. But we ( me and Mar ) have project presentation on that day. Our Software project presentation will be at 9 to 12 and Mar got other important things to settle after that. Ganbatte ne Mar!!! Don't collapse at the end of the day my friend.

Hani and Iqa. Hurmm.. I guess they also busy with work. With Iqa doing her MASTER and Hani works at TM. Ganbatte futari domo. Let's strive for the best...

uh uh i have a song to share.. ermm.. but i bet it should goes to the next entry.. lol i ve been writing too long. oupsi...

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