Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Hani from SUNSILK email us weekly update and she include this. We thought it is a waste not to share it.


Halloween Tips 101

Halloween is just around the corner and everyone’s psyched for the chance to dress up and go wild! So you’ve found your perfect costume but have no idea what to do with your hair? Don’t fret, Sunsilk brings to you some hair tips for this Halloween~

#1 Change Your Hair Color (but Keep the Hair Healthy)

Would you like to be a blonde for an evening? This look isn't hard to achieve with the many temporary dyes and rinses available at drugstores and beauty supply shops such as Watsons. Keep your Sunsilk Smooth and Manageable Leave On Conditioner in your handbag to help keep your hair looking smooth all day long!

#2 Give Your Hair Rapunzel Type Waves

If your hair is bone straight, why not make it wavy for Halloween night? Although you can use rollers and styling gel, you can create crimps and waves more easily by using a crimping iron. Some modern crimping irons come with a variety of interchangeable plates so you can vary the size of the wave or crimp you add to your hair. Don’t forget to use Sunsilk Damage Hair Reconstruction to restore your hair to perfect health after all that styling!

#3 Use Hair Accessories

A fun way to enhance a Halloween hairstyle is to add illuminated hair accessories. These colorful, sparkle-in-the-dark accessories will get you noticed even if it's pitch black outside. Or you can also buy a variety of clip-on hair extensions and dramatic bows to add style to Halloween hair. Don't forget about decorative hairbands and hats which can add additional character to your costume.


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