Saturday, October 3, 2009

Raya still On??'s been a while..Is raya still on?hehe..coz I want 2 upload some of the pics taken during my raya..especially my lil sister who is having her 1st raya after entering this world ..

Me with my sister on the 1st raya

I just realize that this pics same as hika's lil bro pose,haha..

On 2nd raya, she's mumbling while my mom snap the camera..kawaii desho?lol

after this is the pics of me and my old school's friends having 'konvoi' raya trip to our friends's my 1st time to have this kind of raya visit. Thanks to hani who 'force' me join this because I only thought of staying home to help my mom (what a lame me to have this kind of excuse..huhu)..

At Akma's house (the one sitting in front on the right side)

Nur's house (the girl with dark purple tudung on the left side). It's open house actually,and we're enjoying the satey!hehe..

Together with the boys in front of Zulhaimi a.k.a Ayam house.

Zulhaimi's house..Acting shy since it's boy's house,ceh..hehe

At my very best childhood's friend house, wearing all orange sitting beside me..I thought she could be SUNSILK Damage Hair Reconstruction model..hehe

My house was the last house..huhu..Hani got my lil sister with her.

I upload my lil sister cute moment during 1st raya if you are interested to watch,hehe..others speak kedah's accent in this can ignore that part =P

Peace!! ^___^

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