Friday, October 2, 2009

SUNSILK everywhere

Today after class, me and my '2 month pregnant' friend having our branch. She was telling me how she spent her FIRST hari raya with her husband! ( how cool is that ). *envy mode*

Well, i ll get my turn. * pray hard *

She said, she have some coin to exchange it with the cafe, so she left to her car and bring the coins. The 'unthoughtful' me never realise how much the coins could weight. When she came back, she told me,
"That was heavy!"
I was so surprised and 'scold' her.

"You could harm your self Nela..!"

I was really worried because a pregnant woman can be so 'fragile' right? ( sorry if i am misused of the word 'fragile'). IDK. I never have a friend who pregnant before.

Then she exchange the coins ( with me bringing the coins to the counter, I tell you it WAS really HEAVY!!! )

You know how much she get for the coins?? RM 180 ++ !!! ( no wonder the coins weight soooo much )

She take out something from her bag and i saw this...!

i couldnt stop my self to snap a pic. lol

So as the title, SUNSILK everywhere guys...


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