Saturday, October 24, 2009

Under the umbrella

Its raining heavily last evening. I just finish my English class and shivering when i reach my room. Wet by the rain a litle but i kept my hair dry in my tudung.

I wonder, how people deal with wet hair because of the rain. I mean, if they were about to go to class/work and it was raining cats and dogs. (speaking of dog, i stuned when i saw a dog walk in front of me on that rainy day)

Hurmm i guess SUNSILK Leave on conditioner could help. Is it? Owh, IT SHOULD. Since they were about to go to class/work, they did not have much time.

As SUNSILK leave on conditioner only took 1 minute to get GREAT hair, they certainly did not waste their time and manage to come to class/work on time.

So, let have our own SUNSILK leave on conditioner. put it in your handbag, and get ready to shine like a STAR!!!

( Get your own SUNSILK discount RM 2 voucher on top of this page, print it and bring it to your nearest WATSON )

Do vote for us ya~~

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