Monday, October 26, 2009

Hair fall? Its not a problem anymore...

You have problem like her??

"Whenever I brush my hair, handfuls drop out. I am really worried as I think I might be going bald"

It is worrying when you think your hair's falling out, but it's normal to lose 50 to 100 hairs a dey. Try the tug test :
- Hold a small bunch; about 15 or 20 hairs ; between your thumb and index finger. Pull slowly and firmly. If more than six come out, you may have a problem.

Some hairdos, like ponytails or plaits, can cause hair loss as can over-enthusiastic brushing and blow drying.

Thinning hair can be due to stress, certain drugs and serious medical conditions such as thyroid deficiency and iron deficiency.

In most cases, it will grow back, so don't despair.
Sunsilk Hair Fall Solution Intensive Treatment – enhanced with the strengthening power of Ginseng and Soya Protein Complex, gives deep nourishment and conditioning for extra strength and protection against hair fall and split ends for up to 95%.

My opinion, use SUNSILK Hair Fall solution. SUNSILK promise you a great and healthy hair!


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