Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Office

I am very very very very very busy nowadays since I work as Research Assistance and as enumerator to my own thesis. I didnt have much time to write to my own blog either. Pity my lovely Hoshi... Sorry for not have enough time for you my dear... I still work with my sampling and my proposal. So many literature review I've must find. For purchasing online and sustainable development.

Since my boss is from Japan, I think you can imagine how hard to work with Japanese man. They really want every single work done as soon as possible.

I also quit from my job as a runner for one of my lecturer. It is not easy to work with 3 lecturer in the same time. So now I only work for two lecturer.

Oh~~ I really hope I've much time for myself...

Now... enjoy the pic of my lovely workplace aka my office.

Thats my place

So many jurnal, letter, etc

My student's attendance sheet

Letter again..

So messy.. I dont have much time to decorate my space.

In this big room with 3 table and so many file and etc, I alone here. So, all these 3 table, 2 computer and 9 chairs become mine.. (^_^) lol!!

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