Saturday, October 24, 2009

That day

We were the first girls group present our Software project. Since our lecturer did not let us go and forced us to watch the other group present, me with my partner become boring.

Snap Snap...

Dr Shihab said he can listen with both ears, 2 different conversation simultaneously...! So you can start talking to yourself when he was talking to other students.

listen carefully

final touch

Yaya with her funny face as always

cool security software developed by Thaqif and Arham!!

The funny Yaya bored as well

The boring me n Nela spent their past time with 'a family of paper cranes". Mama crane, papa crane and baby crane!!!

A new born baby crane??

And finally its over....

Credit to Ekin for your help (at least)

Owh, i wonder how the SUNSILK Malaysia Book Of Record party.

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