Friday, October 23, 2009

Study SMART not hard

I have been listening to this phrase since primary school.

it is SMART not hard.

Its no use if u study hard but in the end, u did not get anything. If u don't use your study time smartly, you might end up getting the same result as some one who did the last minute preparation..!! Sound bad is it??

What i mean by SMART is, of course you use you time equally. You did not waste hours on your study table reading some text book and not memorizing anything. If you are a person who cannot stay focus for a long time ( like me ), try to make some mind map while you are reading the book.

I attend a few seminar since school, the motivator always remind us the same thing all over again. When you read, the information might stay in your 'head' for a moment. If you write it, the information will stay longer. AND if you read it out loud, and your ear hear each word you said out loud, you will remember the whole thing in such a long time ( AT LEAST until your final test/exam ^^)

Next. Don't forget to get a photocopy of past year papers. Some lecturer, was so GREAT to repeat the same Question from final exam paper. Do a lot of Past year paper questions. AT least you could write some answer on your exam paper.

Well, we ( hika and Mar ) were engineering student. So, we have a LOT of equation to remember. Some time, we couldn't REALLY memorize everything. So, we usually memorize basic equation, and derive the next equation using the basic one. Hey, you could understand after that right?

Make some short note with colorful pens. You know that color could increase your memorization by 70%??

HUaa.. It really look like a 'schematic' post with all the advices stuff ( and no picture). Haha endure it. ( but this sure will help, at least a bit of it )

What else? Oh, for Muslim. Don't forget to pray to get good result. You already DO YOUR best. Lets GOD decide whether you deserve A or not. ( if not, let try again next time. Don't give up!!! )

Good luck for your FINAL EXAM everyone...!!



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