Wednesday, October 21, 2009


With class mates and Pak Djamal, our lecturer.

My gamelan skill class finally over!! Alhamdulillah.. I just finished my gamelan test today. Uf, that was my last class, my last gamelan test, but i made several mistake during the inspection. Duh~~

Maa ii ka?? Its already past. Now i need to focus on my other 4 subjects.

My first paper will be on 4th November and my last paper on 11th November.

i am gonna miss my Gamelan classmate. I don't know when i would have another chance to play ANY music instrument .

With Aqilah

Our Kenong Player

Picture of the DAY. Staring :: Gambang..~~~
haha Wall E mitai

Remember the 'HOT" guy i used to write before, humph, he did not come to class today. Even worst, on our test!! I wonder what would he get. ( a bit of frustrated because i don't get to see him anymore. And he was not in the class picture..!)

Well, i am hoping my fellow classmates do well in their test. Ganbatte minna..

Lets Pray for our success


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