Saturday, August 29, 2009


Hmm. i really want to share something related to 'tudung' fashion. But i think i should do some research first.

Since i am not a fashionable type of girl. Well, i could consider this would be my chance to learn and change.

For starters, let look at this 'tudung'.

click here --> \(^o^)/

A friend of mine is doing some business by selling this tudung. You could contact him if you want. ( sunsilk's crew do remind me if this is not allowed )

He repeatedly begged me to buy this tudung. He said that it will look good if i wear it with a coat. But i always disappointed him. You know why? because i don't think my face suit that kind of tudung. Just like hair styles, tudung styles also affected your look rite?

For me, even people said this look good on me or that will make me look more prettier or anything sound something like that, but if i NEVER felt that way, i cannot be confident.

It goes the same if i really feel confident wearing something that people would said that look bad on me, it makes me look fatter or so on. I don't care as long as i feel confident in it.

Well, depends on you guys. how u represent your self.

But hey, if you want to buy that tudung do contact him yeah... Err and don't forgot to credit me for promoting his business even i m not buying it at least i give him a favor... :b

contact him --> \(^o^)/

credit to :: g-jart

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