Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trip to MORIB

HI there. I am still in the midle of exam week. Which means, i still dont finish my exam. But since the gap between my third and final paper almost a week, i decided to go back home, spending my precious moment with my parents and siblings.

For today, we went to Morib which situated in Banting, Selangor. It doesn't took much time to reach there, but my 2 lil bros already fall asleep in our car.

My lil bro Iwan and Udin i used to call them "our Upin and Ipin since they were the youngest and cutest in family

Ooops, before that, i would like to remind you guys. This post gonna be long. So, feel free to skip if you bored and annoyyed and look at the pics.

When we reached there, the 'very thoughtfull sis' gave her bros a treat. lolz

Then i accompanied my bros to the playground. It so fun being around young kiddies. It makes me feel young as well.

The symettry amazed me

We have bbq there. Thanks God i wear tudung and my hair is 'SAVE' in it. By the way i am using SUNSILK leave on conditioner before wear my tudung, so, my hair wont have that 'smokey' smell. *smile*

Oh, actually, we dont go there with family members only. But with the neighbors in our neighbourhood. We were as close as family. It is GOOD to have good relationship with your neighbor okay. You should make MANY friend as possible right?? *wink wink*

The moms

My Bro and sunset.

Me at the beach. IDK why i look MUCH shorter in this pic. or maybe i don't realized i was THAT short blergh~

STAR = HOSHI attemp duh~ failed

Managed to write this before tha sea washes them out

My bros did not allowed to 'mandi' cos we don't bring extra clothes. So they end up to 'play' on the beaches without letting their clothes wet

My bro n me

The girl that we called 'anak jiran'

Celebrate another 'anak jiran' birthday

MUST study. I still have paper on 17th OKAY!!

Me n my gorgous mum


Yep, we went home after Maghrib prayer. That was FUN. In japanese they said, TANOSHI yo~~

Now, i have to continue revising SOFTWARE ENGINEERING text book.

Jya ne..

Bon fire?? Naa.. haha


  1. lorh... u went there and enjoying urself during these few days gap?
    lol!! akak!!
    smpt aje!! wawawa


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