Friday, November 6, 2009

Study VS blogging

I should be studying but i am too lazy to start to read a word from the slide. Instead, i took my hand phone and start to 'snap-snap'.

Duh~~ it's not a boring day btw. I just don't have the study mood yet. My next paper will be on 9th and it is English paper. On 11th i have my communication engineering paper ( which i don't understand ANY of it!! ). So now, i am 'pretending' to studying communication engin.

I start from the last chapter. I usually do. Because for me, if i start from the beginning, i will not get to finish it on time. But if i start from the end, and i couldn't finish it on time, i already understand the end, so i don't think i have problem in earlier chapter right?

Okay, so girls, bear me!!


It said here to reduce error in giving the information, we should increased energy per bit or reducing the bit rate or you could do both!

Make sense right? If you pay more attention about one particular thing ( more energy ), you could avoid mistakes. for the second part which reducing the bit rate, i also think if we do our work slowly ( because we look carefully in each part ), we could also reduce error.

In old Malay thoughts, " Biar lambat asal selamat ", right??

Okay, now we are going to the measure of information. If we know an event is going to happen, it is not an information anymore, because we already get the message. But if we never knew 'that thing' will happen, then it becomes a really big information right?

So, if when probability approaching 1 ( which is true ), the information is zero.
But if the probability approaching 0 ( which is false ), the information is approaching infinity!


From engineering point of view, the information could ne measure by saying, the information is proportionally with the minimum time needed to transmit it.

Okay i started to sound crazy, i better be going NOW!!

live up your life

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