Monday, November 16, 2009

my birtday celebration

14th november was my 23rd birthday..erk? i m getting old now...anyway, i want to say a lot of thanks to all my friends for wishing me 'happy birthday'...thanks all... thanks to my housemates for celebrating my birthday and thanks to hoshi too...:D

at that day, i woke up as usual pretending there were nothing special. after cleaning my hair with sunsilk hair fall control, suddenly i got a sms from aina, 'zan n yat? korang nak celeb8 hani tak?'
reading the sms, i was just smiling n i replied the sms, 'slh msg la...kantoi!! hahahaha'
then aina called me and we made a deal. a deal to pretend during my celebration...yat always know that i really love ice skating. then she brought me to sunway pyramid together with zan, kak farah, zack n syafiq. after 2 hours, we decided to eat at A&W...after i bought a set of moza burger, i noticed something weird with zan n syafiq. they looked at me with a smile...not a sweet smiling but a weird smiling. i know they want to surprise me but i don't know the way they want to surprise me...and suddenly, 'hani, happy birthday!!!' syafiq and zan screaming while holding a ice cream with 2 candles on the top and all of them start singing the happy Birthday song. i was not really shock but i tried to act like that but my skill of act very poor. they noticed it. at last aina told them about the sms which wrongly sent to me...huhuhu....what ever happened, i really appreciate them...they was showing their heart sincerely....

ice skating with yat

at A&W

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