Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 done, 2 to go~~

Getting ready for exam

Yess.. Thanks God, i finally finished my English exam. I really wish i could get an A or at least A- for this subject. But i still grateful if i managed to get B+. At least it still 3.00 worth. I don't want my final CGPA drop below 3.00 even though now, it keeps dropping.

But yeah, all the way i was writing in English in here for the sake of my English course. Today, i made it again. So, now i will stop writing in english?? Hurmm.. let me think about it first. Naa.. i will write in English or bahasa for the sake of learning. Depends on what mood i have and what happened to me that day.

Me might sound a bit of schematic when write in Malay. But just i try to live in manner. And not use those 'sms' word.

People will not understand SS as SUNSILK if i don't write SUNSILK am i right??

okay, i will continuing my 'battle'. 2 more to go. I need to study really hard for this incoming 11th since i told you before i seems lost in this subject.

Got envied by other Universities cause they already finished their exam. What can i do, IIUM is slightly different from other Universities in term of semester scheduled. That is why i usually missed my family vacation; usually have class on the vacation day.

So, how are you guys feeling today? Genki? Have you girls using SUNSILK today? Go and get one. OKAY *wink wink*

luv ya~~

oops wish me luck!!

*jya mataa..

*see you again.

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