Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another Voucher

My dad gave me this voucer and i can't wait to finished my exam to go shopping. Weee thanks Dad. You are the coolest DAD ever!!! Love you.

He gave me 5 JUSCO voucher worth RM50. Yeah, some of you might say, what else could you buy with RM 50. Hey, at least it lessen my burden. Okay, for example, if i want to have a bag worth RM 70 at JUSCO and i use this voucher, i only have to pay RM20!! Isn't that GREAT??

Same goes with SUNSILK voucher. ( You can get it n top of this page by clicking on the picture. Print it and bring it to your nearest WATSON ). The RM 9.90 promo pack will become RM 6.90!! And what you got inside?? THREE SUNSILK item worth almost twice as the price you bought with discount voucher!!! What you are waiting for??

There's NO other Shampoo than SUNSILK that have promotion like this and at the same time provide us a GREAT look!

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